1. Provision of general data and information

RWE takes great care to ensure that all information and data on its website are accurate. However, we cannot accept any liability or guarantee for the up-to-date character, correctness or completeness of the information or data provided here. The same applies to all other websites that are referenced via hyperlinks. Neither is RWE responsible for the content of websites reached through such links. RWE reserves the right to change or amend without prior announcement any information or data that has been provided.

2. Stock Exchange Details

Stock exchange details provided on RWE websites are fed in by Quartal Flife AG. RWE accepts no liability for the up-to-date character, correctness or completeness of information and data received in this way. The information and data supplied on RWE websites, including stock exchange rates, gives users an overview of our Group for information purposes, albeit without suggesting or inviting the sale, purchase or any other trading of securities. RWE accepts no responsibility for direct or indirect loss, including loss of profit arising from the use of information or data available on this website.

No rights or duties are accepted between RWE and the website oder or third parties.

3. Contractual Relations

The website www.rwe-mobility.com contains joint ventures with various service providers. Through the said website, RWE enables its users to access the commercial pages of partner companies. By using the services of the service providers, users of the website rwe-mobility.com enter into a contractual relationship with each service provider which is subsequently subject to the relevant terms and conditions of that service provider. The legal responsibility and liability for content concerning services offered by partner companies on the relevant pages are held exclusively by each of the partner companies whose websites can be called up via the rwe-mobility.com site. When using the services of a service provider, then contractual relationships arise exclusively between the relevant partner company and the user under the terms and conditions applicable to each contractual relationship.

4. Liability

RWE is not liable for the activities of partner companies. RWE gives no guarantee for the availability or faultless operation of services offered on rwe-mobility.com. Neither does RWE accept any responsibility or liability that the services offered by partner companies on rwe-mobility.com comply with legal regulations.

In cases where RWE itself offers services, they shall be subject to the General Terms and Conditions of each RWE affiliate offering the relevant services, which are available in suitable places.

Otherwise – irrespective of legal reasons including liability in tort – RWE shall only be liable

  • if RWE, its corporate agents or executive staff have caused loss or damage through gross negligence or through intent or if they have culpably violated a cardinal contractual duty in a manner that jeopardises the purpose of the contract,


  • if other vicarious agents of RWE who are not corporate agents or executive staff have violated a cardinal contractual duty either through gross negligence or deliberately and in a way that jeopardises the purpose of the contract.

If corporate agents or executive staff of RWE have violated a cardinal duty, but have not done so deliberately or through gross negligence, then RWE's liability shall be limited to whatever loss or damage was reasonably foreseeable at the time of concluding the contract. This limit of liability shall also apply to the extent of the loss or damage.

RWE's liability under the German Product Liability Act (Produkthaftungsgesetz) and other mandatory legal regulations shall not be impacted by the aforementioned limitations of liability. Otherwise, RWE shall bear no liability.

Where rwe-mobility.com contains details of prices for products and services, those prices are provided without any guarantee for correctness.

5. Copyright

The content of this website is protected by copyright. Prior consent from RWE Effizienz is required for the duplication of information and data, and especially for the use of text, parts of text and images.

6. Applicable Law

All information and data, its use and registration on RWE websites and all activities connected with RWE websites as well as any toleration and non-performance of activities shall be exclusively subject to German law. The place of jurisdiction is Essen.