RWE on the Subject of Data Protection

The privacy of your personal details is of major concern to us. We therefore ensure that all our web activities comply with data protection and data security legislation. Below, you will find out what details we may collect and what we do with them.

Personal Details

It is a basic principle at RWE to protect your personal details and to treat them with the utmost respect. We therefore do not collect personal details via our websites without your approval. You alone can decide whether or not to share such details with us in a registration, a contact inquiry, etc.

We generally use your personal details to answer your queries, to deal with your orders or to provide you with access to specific information, products or services.

General Information

Whenever you call up our website or a file, the details of this transaction are saved to a protocol file on our web server. These details are not personal, so that we are unable to trace which user called up which data.

The following details may be saved:

  • the domain name of the website from which you accessed us
  • the websites you visited within our product and service range
  • the names of the files you called up
  • the date and time of each call
  • the name of your internet service provider
  • and, where applicable, the operating system and browser version on your PC.

We use this information exclusively to determine the attractiveness of our websites and to improve their content.

IP Addresses

To permit the anonymous use of our websites, we deliberately ensure that IP addresses are not logged. Before being saved to our web server log file, your IP address is given a pseudonym in compliance with data protection regulations. These IP address pseudonyms are used by us, for instance, to identify and counteract attacks and also to create web statistics.


Whenever you visit one of our websites, information may be saved to your computer in the form of a cookie which the site automatically recognises next time you access it. Cookies enable us, for instance, to adjust a site to suit your interests or to save your user name, so that you don't need to re-enter it each time. If you don't want us to recognise your computer, you will need to adjust a setting in your internet browser, so that it automatically deletes cookies on your hard drive, blocks all cookies or warns you before saving a cookie.

Notes on Web Analysis

This website uses the solutions provided by etracker GmbH ( for the collection and storage of data for marketing and optimisation purposes. This data serves as a basis for the creation of user profiles with pseudonyms, and we may wish to use cookies in this connection. Cookies are small text files that are placed into temporary local storage by the internet browser of each site visitor. They enable the browser to recognise the previously visited site. Data collected by etracker applications is not used for the personal identification of site visitors without their special consent; neither is such data combined with the personal data associated with the pseudonym. Data collection and storage may be stopped by you at any time and will not be applied again from that point onward.


Children must not send personal details to RWE websites without the consent of their parents or a supervising adult. RWE would suggest to all parents and supervising adults that they should instruct their children in the safe and responsible use of personal details. RWE will never knowingly collect or use personal details of children or disclose such details to third parties without due authorisation.


RWE takes precautions to ensure the security of your personal details. Your details are carefully protected against loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation, unauthorised access and unauthorised disclosure.

Links to Other Websites

RWE websites contain links to other sites. RWE bears no responsibility for the data protection strategies or the content of such websites.

Questions and Comments

Should you have any questions or omments on RWE's data protection policy (e.g. on the viewing and updating of your personal details), please send us an e-mail, with the words "Data Privacy" in the subject line. Any further development of the internet will also impact our data protection strategy. Changes will be communicated on this page in due course.

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