Companies keep pace with changes in technology. They are increasingly developing their electromobility capability, benefiting from operating costs that are lower than with conventional vehicles due to the low unit rate for electricity. However, sustainable mobility also highlights a company's ability to innovate, which in turn boosts its image. RWE offers business customers special packages of carefully created charging solutions and comprehensive service, leaving nothing to be desired.

Excellent technology, outstanding service: System solutions for business customers

RWE's system solutions represent not only technical expertise, but also outstanding services. It is these optional services that can turn an ordinary charging infrastructure into your own highly efficient customised charging system. Take advantage of RWE's expertise, to select the best sites and appropriate energy, and arrange for us to install and connect your solution. Naturally, we also advise on which new business and service models are possible for you based on tailored IT solutions. These modular services ensure maximum exploitation of the new mobility options, enabling you to successfully enter the electromobility market in the long term.

Application: Examples and solutions:

  • Take advantage of intelligent charging infrastructure from RWE – for particularly fast charging of your vehicle fleet (up to 22 kW AC and 50 kW DC charging capacity) and tailored options for authentication (per charging cable, per smart phone/telephone or automatically from the electric car via Plug & Charge technology)
  • Who has charged what amount of energy, when and where? To manage your fleet of electric vehicles, we offer a tailored data management solution that can be used across all your sites
  • Thanks to the functional system concept, employees wishing to charge their electric car at work can easily be authenticated, approved and billed for the quantity of electricity charged
  • Are renewable energies important for you? No problem, RWE can supply you with TÜV-certified green electricity (RWE ePower).

Through electric vehicles, we want to make a contribution to climate protection and in turn greater sustainability. As a company intensively involved in innovative solutions in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energies at many levels, we are also keen to learn from users' practical experiences with future-oriented electromobility technology.

Günter Gressler, Managing Director 3M


Advantages for companies

The advantage of E-Mobility. Good for the environment, practical for the user.

Products & services

One-stop shopping: Hardware and services, installation and power.



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