• Energy supply and measurement (delivery and measurement of power)
  • Access control. Implementation of various payment and authentication methods for enabling the user
  • Identification and evaluation of charge data for information or as a basis for billing
  • eRoaming
  • Customer service and technical support

Individually configurable depending on your business model (individual requirements for private clients)


The RWE eControl back-office system provides comprehensive data on operational readiness and on operating conditions and malfunctions, if any. If you desire, you can receive individual evaluations of consumption data, consumption location, charge management and billing.

Servicing of your entire system during the operational phase

You provide selected customers, employees or fellow citizens the opportunity to use your charging infrastructure. They should be able to authenticate themselves easily. You can use information about the charging procedures to control the consumption of your fleet of electric vehicles or as a billing foundation for your customers. Your charging infrastructure is monitored electronically and remotely for malfunctions; if required, it is controlled or maintained remotely. Whether for the management of user data, the detection and elimination of malfunctions, invoice preparation or a service hotline: We will be happy to take care of the tasks that are not your core business. We work together with you to design your concept for electromobility so that it is professional, transparent and profitable for you. A concept that you can expand in the future.

Services for operators of electric-vehicle fleets (example)

Your fleet of electric vehicles is charged predominantly on your charging stations on the company parking lot and occasionally on the road. As an example, you supply your e-cars with green power, which you also use for the workshop and production facilities. Detailed information about the power consumption per vehicle, the charging time and the charging locations is especially important for your fleet manager.
The System Services package provides transparency for your fleet and energy managers and flexibility for each driver:

  • use of the RWE public charging infrastructure and eRoaming partners
  • identification, processing and provision of charge data per contract ID (vehicle or driver – assignment as you desire) in electronic form
  • identification, processing and provision of charge data per charging point – utilization of your own charging infrastructure or billing of charging operations that you have carried out on the road
  • technical service hotline for your charging infrastructure for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • functional adaptations and enhancements using software and hardware upgrades
  • when multiple charging stations are established at one site, you can receive special rates for selected services

Services for branch businesses (example)

Although electric cars are not needed in your business, your customers, employees and business partners are asking more and more often for a way to charge their electric cars while they are at your business (restaurant, retail, employer). Therefore, you provide a charging infrastructure and the power, but not for everyone and not for free. RWE, acting as a mobility provider, takes over the management of your charging infrastructure, ensures that only your customers will be able to charge their cars, and provides you with a clear overview of how your offer is received.
A System Services package includes:

  • management of customer data, authentication of users
  • individual customer service via a hotline – your customer feels “at home” at your business
  • identification, processing and provision of charge data for each charging station – full utilization of your own charging infrastructure
  • technical service hotline for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • functional adaptations and enhancements using software and hardware upgrades


  • if desired, we can supply your charging infrastructure with green power – guaranteed!


To do so, download the contract form*, fill it out and sent it to the following by email, fax or via mail:

RWE Effizienz
Customer Service
P.O. Box 1616
50306 Brühl
E-Mail to RWE Effizienz

* To display the contract form (PDF document), you require the Adobe Reader. You can download the programme free of charge here.



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