When it comes to mobility, questions about safety, the technology and efficiency will always be top of mind. Electromobility combines all three aspects. State-of-the-art technology can help you to charge your car both more efficiently and safely, while being kinder on resources, especially when the electricity you use to charge your car comes only from renewable sources. Operator of the largest public charging infrastructure anywhere in Germany, RWE offers a technology that makes the charging process flexible, fast and safe. Vehicles can be charged up to 22 times faster than a conventional household plug and a lot more safely. When used for too long, household plugs, and the wiring leading to them, can overheat, making them a not insignificant potential source of fire. RWE eMobility’s charging infrastructure is designed for the performance requirements of electric cars and is directly connected to the house’s main system – for added safety and better performance. To ensure you can charge your car without a hassle across Europe, access to RWE’s charging infrastructure and that of eRoaming partners, with simple billing, makes using your electric care a reliable and comfortable option.

Electric cars as ways to store energy

The potential of e-mobility extends far beyond environmentally friendly, personal transport. With RWE’s intelligent charging infrastructure, e-vehicles, integrate perfectly into a “smart grid”. Meaning that, in the future, electric cars are set to be intelligent consumers of electricity, capable of always charging at a time when plenty of energy from renewable sources is available and thus helping society to provide a flexible response when the availability of renewable energies is reduced.


Sustainable mobility

Good for the environment and the climate. E-mobility helps to reduce emissions and save resources.

Experience innovation

Enjoy a completely new way of driving: smooth, quiet – and electric!