RWE offers charging solutions for sustainable mobility

E-mobility is often perceived simply as a change in technology. However, it is also part of a value change, demonstrating the trend towards more sustainable travelling in the future. RWE Effizienz has the technologies and products to align businesses with this change. RWE Effizienz is a supplier of smart charging infrastructure and IT services and offers intelligent e-e-mobility solutions for cities, vehicle fleets and private users of electric vehicles. It operates one of Europe’s largest networks of public and private charging stations with 2,700 smart charging points for electric vehicles. In 2012, RWE was founder meber of the joint venture Hubject to provide access to an even lager charging station network.

Close co-operation with the automotive industrie

RWE and Renault in Germany jointly developed product bundles consisting of a Reanult ZOE and a residential wallbox “RWE eBox”. The leading automobile manufacturer Daimler chose smart RWE charging technology for the installation in their five production sites in Stuttgart / Germany.

Innovation and new mobility for Europe’s metropolitan areas

RWE has gained extensive e-mobility know-how in metropolitan projects that were successfully carried out in Berlin and Amsterdam.
Berlin was one of the first cities where RWE ran pilot programmes with the German automobile manufacturer Daimler. The city has the highest rate of electric vehicles in Germany, the biggest network of public charging infrastructure, and is also the biggest test field for e-mobility in the country. Today RWE runs 290 smart charging points in the German capital.
The city of Amsterdam believes that between now and 2015, the number of electric vehicles on its streets will rise to 10,000. One thousand new charging points are to be installed in public spaces over the next few years. Helping the city to achieve this ambitious target is the Dutch energy supplier, Essent, owned by RWE. Essent has so far installed more than 260 RWE charging points in Amsterdam.

Research and Development for sustainable mobility

In co-operation with leading partners, RWE continues to drive the research and development that is required for the large-scale rollout of e-mobility. Together with partners in the automotive industry, RWE has developed standards for charging plugs and for data communication between a charging station and an electric vehicle. The international standard IEC 62196 for the e-mobility Type-2-connector is a result of this. By participating in all of the relevant international standards organizations RWE is actively engaged in the ongoing development of the electro-mobility market.
With the support of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Commission RWE Effizienz pursues the objective to enhance the contribution of e-mobility to a sustainable energy system. The company researches how the integration of electric vehicles into the energy system can be enhanced in order to optimize the usage of renewable energy. These findings are already introduced by the company in cross-industrial international standardization activities like the communication between electric vehicles and charging infrastructure (ISO/IEC 15118). The services and solutions developed will support the role of electric vehicles as active consumers and - in midterm - as storage units of renewable energy. With the help of ICT as a key technology the existing e-mobility systems will also be extended by innovative solutions for the consumer’s comfort and security.

With an award winning eMobility strategy

2012, RWE Effizienz was awarded the European Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Competitive Leadership Award by Frost &  Sullivan. According to the Best Practices Research Report from Frost & Sullivan, RWE Effizienz is the only company in Europe to manufacture various types of charging stations in-house, to install these stations in both public and residential spaces and operate them using a custom software solution as well as supply them with eco-electricity.

RWE Effizienz: Who we are.

RWE Effizienz is a service provider for energy efficiency infrastructure and a subsidiary of RWE Deutschland. It helps customers save money and protect the environment by offering everything from e-mobility down to home automation with RWE Smart Home. RWE Effizienz takes an all-inclusive approach to energy efficiency, setting standards through innovative ideas and new products. The company enhances public awareness of energy efficiency by providing information and practical energy-saving advice. For key facts and figures, go to,, and, or for information and advice on all aspects of energy efficiency.



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